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Discover our latest range of helmets, designed to keep you safe and stylish on the road. 

Whether you are a commuter, racer or adventurer, we have the right helmet for you. 

We know that riding a motorbike is an emotional experience. It's about freedom, adventure and the thrill of the road.

That's why we have designed our helmets to be more than just protective headgear.

They are also works of art, designed to make you feel confident and stylish on your bike. Whether you need a helmet to protect you on your daily commute or one to help you realise your racing dreams, we've got you covered.

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METZELER - real passion for two-wheelers

At METZELER, most employees are enthusiastic motorcyclists themselves. They therefore know exactly what their needs, requirements and expectations are. Our customers are demanding - that's why they choose a tyre that offers them the best performance without compromising on safety and reliability.

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When you buy from MOTOREX, you can be sure that the wide range of products includes the right product for every lubrication task. Our product range extends from motor oil, gear oil and lubricating oil for all types of engines, through brake fluids and greases, to special products for construction, railway and marine applications. With great continuity, the company focuses on the quality leadership of its products and the associated services. Today, MOTOREX products are mentioned worldwide in the same breath as racing successes, top quality and industrial expertise.

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We are proud to introduce HSR Reifenwärmer as our partner. They have been manufacturing tyre warmers since 2000 and have continuously developed them further, always with a clear focus on satisfied customers, good quality, affordable prices, production in Germany and uncomplicated service.

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