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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about our products, your order or the assembly? See if you can find what you're looking for here. If not, please send us a message via our contact form.

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  • How long can I return the item?

    You can return items from our online shop within 2 weeks without giving a reason. In this case, the buyer bears the shipping costs. To minimise the costs, you will receive a returns label from us in accordance with our conditions.

    Important! The Paddock Wizard in particular must be packed carefully and with the same amount of packaging material as it was delivered. If the item is damaged on return due to inadequate packaging, a refund of the purchase price is not possible. The buyer is responsible for the return shipment.

  • Are there assembly instructions?

    Yes, you will automatically receive assembly instructions by e-mail after placing your order. If this did not work, you can download them here as a PDF.

    Assembly instructions EN

    User Manual EN

  • How long does the delivery of my products take

    The delivery time for each product is indicated on the respective product page and applies from receipt of payment. In order to reduce the administrative burden, we ask you not to ask any questions about the delivery time before the specified delivery time + one week.
    We are working flat out to fulfil all your orders.

  • I would like to be sponsored.

    We are delighted that you are considering our product for your season and that we are a potential partner for you.

    Unfortunately, we have to inform you that we are currently unable to accept any new sponsorships.
    Our budget for such purposes is limited and has already been fully utilised.

    You are still welcome to send us your documents, but please include comprehensive information about yourself, your plans, goals, etc.
    Please understand that we cannot respond directly for the reasons mentioned.


  • Retrofitting the rubber cover

    Based on feedback from our customers, who told us that the "legs" of the Paddock Wizard fold in too quickly, we have come up with something new.

    Recently, we have been installing elasticated straps through the lower legs of the Paddock Wizard, which are fixed in the main column with a screw and prevented from slipping through with a little pre-tension on the roller side of the legs by a knot and a ball.

    One of the advantages of this system is that the legs retract automatically during assembly.

    The belts are easy to retrofit and will soon be available in our shop at close to cost price.

    Only two small holes need to be drilled for installation; some stands will already have these holes. It is important that even if the holes are already there, the system has not been forgotten. This is simply a preparation for a system that does not yet exist.

    Please refrain from emails asking about availability. Just check back from time to time. We will also announce the update of the shop on Instagram and Facebook. Insta/Facebook rieger_rennsport


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