Combi dryer


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Leather and textile combination dryer with warm/cold function

The combi dryer was developed to dry motorcyclists' leather suits and car drivers' textile suits quickly using heat, to warm them up in cooler temperatures and to make them easier to put on thanks to the more supple leather.
The appliance works via an EU plug with 220/230 volts.

The combi dryer therefore offers three functions: It dries, heats and cools. The upper part is made of plastic and the hanger is made of sturdy metal, making it extremely durable and lightweight at the same time. It was developed to noticeably improve comfort for the rider, regardless of the climatic conditions and the number of daily uses.

Further technical data

  • Volume flow290 m3/h or 5000 l/min
  • Max. Speed: 2.800 rpm
  • Flow direction: 360º
  • Optimised safe heating element performance: 220 V - 640 W,
    Power peaks of up to 1000 W possible
  • UL-certified dual thermostatRedundant temperature-controlled switches at 32 °C
  • Socket outlet adapter220 V for EU, USA, GB, CH and AU
Weight 1,45 kg
Dimensions 42,8 × 17 × 19,9 cm